Cape Coral

- the 8th largest city in tax-friendly Florida - offers plentiful opportunities for professional office and mixed-use development. At 120 square miles, this Southwest Florida city is the third largest by land mass in the state. With a consistently growing population of 200,000, Cape Coral is only halfway built out, so there’s plenty of space for new residential, retail, office/tech, industrial and mixed-used projects that will grow alongside the local consumer base.

An ideal, year-round climate, and competitive real estate and cost of living have drawn national attention. Forbes magazine reports that the Cape Coral metro area is among the top 10 fastest-growing cities in the nation for jobs and population (Moody’s Analytics, 2018).

The Sunshine State consistently ranks among the top 10 best states for its cost of doing business because there is no state income tax, and Florida offers a competitive workforce environment and streamlined, pro-business regulations. Corporate headquarter executives from the midwest to the northeast are increasingly choosing to expand their operations in Cape Coral. With so much to see and do, millennials are also discovering that our city is an ideal place to live, work and play.  With a readily available and highly skilled workforce, Cape Coral is the right choice for your company expansion or relocation.

A few things to know about Cape Coral:

  • This community is home to nearly 400 miles of navigable canals - more than anywhere else in the world — making it ideal for recreation and many compatible business sectors.
  • As the state’s 8th most populated city, Cape Coral has a large, available workforce with close proximity to several higher education institutions, including Florida Gulf Coast University, where college graduates can be recruited to fill available positions.
  • With a projected growth of more than 400,000, the city is only 47% built out today with room to grow.
  • Ideally suited for tech/biotech, medical/healthcare, light manufacturing, and back office operations.
  • New commercial centers, hotels and other major projects are underway throughout the city, and a partnership is being sought for mixed-use redevelopment at a prime waterfront in South Cape, the city’s historic business district.

The Cape Coral Economic Development Office tracks emerging industries, demographics, market conditions and workforce data, and offers incentives for startups, relocations and expansions. 

Today’s market conditions are ripe for investing in and relocating your business to Cape Coral.